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The HVQ231/HVQ131 offers 31 band graphic equalization with 1/3 octave filters and superior constant “Q” devices.
Offering the ability to increase signal-to-noise ratio by up to 20dB,the STK HVQ EQs make improvement in noise specs of almost any sound systems.
The HVQ131 is a 1/3 octave single 31 band graphic equalizer in a 2 rack package. The HVQ231 is a 1/3 octave dual 31 band graphic equalizer in a 3 rack package,The long throw, high resolution faders allow precise adjustment of each constant Q band.
The HVQ131/HVQ231 has built-in noise reduction and an on board compressor limiter. Logical LED meters are present for level and gain reduction.

  • New Green design with 1:1 output linear type level control system.
  • 21 dBu capacity for input and output level circuits
  • The unit is dual range +/-15dB or +/-6dB boost and cuts.
  • Inputs/Outputs are balanced XLR, Barrier strip and unbalanced 1/4” phone jack.
  • A switchable 18dB/octave low cut filter is preset to 40Hz.
  • Ultra low noise 100dB, 0.001% THD
  • 5:1 Ratio comp control range.
Model HVQ-131(single CH)/ HVQ-231(dual CH)
Connectors 1/4" TRS, female XLR (pin 2 hot) and 6 Pin barrier terminal strip
Type Electronically balanced/unbalanced, RF filtered
Impedance Balanced 40k ohm, unbalanced 20k ohm
Maximum Input Level >+21dBu balanced or unbalanced
CMRR >40dB, typically >55dB at 1kHz
Connectors 1/4" TRS, male XLR (pin 2 hot),and barrier terminal strip
Type Impedance-balanaced/unbalanced, RF filtered
Impedance Balanced 120 ohm, unbalanced 60 ohm
Max Output Level >+21dBu balanced/unbalanced into 2k Ohm or greater
>+18dBm balanced/unbalanced (into 600 ohm)
Bandwidth 1/3 Oct 31 Band (20Hz~20kHz +/-0.5dB)
Frequency Response <10Hz to >50kHz, +0.5/-3dB
Limiter Thershold Control Min 0 dB through max 24dB range(off position)
Comp threshold level +5db to +11dB
Comp ratio fixed, 5 : 1
Noise Reduction In
(+/-6 and +/-15dB range)
Signal-to-Noise >102dB, unweighted, ref: +4dBu, 22kHz measurement bandwidth
Dynamic Range >118dB, unweighted
Noise Reduction Out
(+/-6dB range)
Signal-to-Noise >94dB, unweighted, ref: +4dBu, 22kHz measurement bandwidth
Dynamic Range >112dB, unweighted
Noise Reduction Out
(+/-15dB range)
Signal-to-Noise >90dB, unweighted, ref: +4dBu, 22kHz measurement bandwidth
Dynamic Range >108dB, unweighted
THD + Noise <0.04%, 0.02% typical at +4dBu, 1kHz
Interchannel Crosstalk <-80dB, 20Hz to 20kHz
Noise Reduction Up to 20dB of dynamic broadband noise reduction
NOISE REDUCTION Activates Noise Reduction
EQ Bypass Bypasses the graphic equalizer section in the signal path
Low Cut(recessed) Activates the 40Hz 18dB/octave Bessel high-pass filter
Range(recessed) Selects either +/- 6dB or +/- 15dB slider boost/cut range
Output Level Meter 4-LED bar graph (Green, Green, Yellow, Red) at -10, 0, +10, and +18dBu
Gain Reduction Meter 4-LED bar graph (all Red) at 0, 3, 6, and 10dB
Noise Reduction Active Yellow LED
EQ Bypass Red LED
Clip Red LED
Low Cut Active Red LED
+/-6dB range Yellow LED
+/-15dB range Red LED
Operating Voltage 100VAC 50/60Hz, 120VAC 60Hz
230 VAC 50/60Hz
Power consumption 12W/24W
Main Connection IEC receptacle
Dimensions: W x H x D 483 x 88x197/483 x 132 X 197
Shipping/CBM 0.0286/0.0416
Net Weight 3.16 kg/5.22 kg
Shipping Weight 4.88 kg/6.62 kg
*Note: Specifications subject to change without notice
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