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The VFX-299 boasts 2 XLR with 1/4" mic input Mixer channels.and special 99 effect programs by STK own design sounds.
The each CH head amplifiers are studio quality dynamic head rooms for any of microphones.Also the best feature is 3 band mid sweep EQ control for each of mic input channels.And including L&R 1/4" stereo line inputs, L&R RCA CD/Tape stereo input channels,EFX on/off foot switch jacks and 1/4" stereo main outputs.This microphone effect sounds really cool! & cool! for any of music instruments, KJ/DJ singing.

  • New Green design for "U" mark level setting.
  • 2 Mic CH + 1 ST Line + Stereo CD inputs with Digital Multi effector & Karaoke processor.
  • Acceptable for XLR balanced Mic & 1/4" un balanced Mic or Musical Instruments Jack.
  • Variable gain control stereo line inputs, CD input level controls.
  • 99 Effects include Reverb,Delay,Flanger,Tremolo,and Wha Wha sound programs
  • The Karaoke 1 sound is purpose for pro singer,Karaoke 2 is semi pro singer and Karaoke 3 is purpose to normal singing
  • Enough 20dBu output levels.
Model VFX-299
Frequency Response 10Hz ~ 30kHz
Dynamic Range Equivalent Noise 80dB (typical) 129 dB
T.H.D less than 0.05%(20-30kHz, max, level)
Max Input Level >+21dBu balanced or unbalanced
Mono Mic(XLR jack) - 55 dBu
Mono Mic(1/4" phone jack) - 55 dBu
Stereo line - 10 dBu
CD/Tape in -10 dBu
Mic pre amp input 1 K ohm
Stereo line input 1 K ohm
CD/Tape RCA input 10 K ohm
MIC CH Equalization  
Low EQ: shelving 80Hz +/_ 15dB
Mid EQ: Peaking 100Hz~8kHz +/_ 12dB
High EQ: Shelving 12kHz +/_ 15dB
Nominal Level +5dBu
Maximun Level +19dBu
Impedance 330 ohm
DSP filter Control  
Presense;wide response +12dB, -6dB
Number of Effect Program  
Karaoke 1 4 select
Karaoke 2 4 select
Karaoke 3 11 select
Reverb hall 8 select
Reverb room 6 select
Reverb plate 6 select
Ambient 5 select
Gate Reverb 6 select
Reverse Reverb 6 select
Echo & Hall 5 select
Single Dealy 8 select
Chorus 9 select
Flanger 9 select
Tremolo 6 select
Wah Wah 6 select
AD/DA Conversion  
AD Conversion 20bit
DA Conversion 24bit
Sampling Frequency 34.1 kHz
Front Section Descriptions  
Level Control & Button Controls 2 of Mic gain CH 1 & 2
8 of Mic EQ CH 1 & 2
1 of Master In put level
1 of Master output level
1 of Effect Mix level
1 of Effect Tone boost & cut
5 of Effect time & level control
2 of Effect select
1 of Mute ON-OFF
Indicators Peak L& R, Master Effect Peak
Rear Panel Descriptions  
Inputs 2 (XLR Jack),
2 (Mic Phone Jack,unbal),
2 tape in(RCA Jack)
2 level control Volume for Tape input & line input
Output(Left,Right) 2 (Phone Jack)
Footswitch 1 (Phone Jack)
Operating Voltage 100 VAC 50/60Hz, 120 VAC 60Hz, 220-240 VAC 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 10W
Main Connection IEC receptacle
Dimensions: W x H x D 483 x 44 x 175 (mm)
Shipping/CBM 0.0154
Weight 2.51 kg
Shipping Weight 3.42 kg
*Note: Specifications subject to change without notice
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