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The VFX-2DDR is 2CH Mic/line Mix with dual digital reverb delay Effector by STK own design for analog control type max 10sec reverb sound and max 1000msec 90% repeat delay sounds.
The each CH head amplifiers are studio quality dynamic head rooms for any of microphones.
Also the best feature is 3 band mid sweep EQ control for each of Mic input channels. And including L&R 1/4" stereo line inputs, L&R RCA CD/Tape stereo input channels,EFX on/off foot switch jacks The products are similar purpose of VFX-299,this microphone effect sounds really cool ! & cool ! for any of music instruments with speech & pro singing

  • New Green design for "U" mark level setting.
  • 2 Mic CH + 1 ST Line + Stereo CD inputs with Digital Reverb Delay effect processor.
  • Acceptable for XLR balanced Mic & 1/4" Unbalanced Mic or Musical Instruments Jack.
  • Variable gain control stereo line input, CD input level control.
  • Enoguh 20 dBu out put levels can easy handle to any of system operation.
  • Ultra-realistic sound with 20kHz response dual variable DDR digital effect
  • The effects are 8 select sounds,Hall,Room,Plate,Ambient for Reverb and 4 kind of Delay sound.
Model VFX-2DDR
Frequency Response 10Hz ~ 30kHz
Dynamic Range Equivalent Noise 80dB (typical) 129 dB
T.H.D less than 0.05%(20-30kHz, max, level)
Mono Mic(XLR jack) - 55 dBu
Mono Mic(1/4" phone jack) - 50 dBu
Stereo line - 10 dBu
CD/Tape in - 10 dBu
Mic pre amp input 1 K ohm
Stereo line input 1 K ohm
CD/Tape RCA input 10 K ohm
MIC CH Equalization  
Low EQ: shelving 80Hz +/_ 15dB
Mid EQ: Peaking 100Hz-8KHz +/_12dB
High EQ: Shelving 12KHz +/_15dB
Nominal Level +5dBu
Maximun Level +19dBu
Impedance 330 ohm
Digi EFX  
Type Dual Variable
Reverb Control 1 Time Pot(0.5~10 sec)+1 Level Pot
Delay Control 1 Time Pot (50~1000 msec)+1 Level Pot
Repeat Control 1 Delay Feedback Pot(0-90%)
Program Delay Delay,Cross FB,3 Tab PAN,One Short.
Program Reverb Hall,Room,Plate,Ambient
Function setting On/Off, Delay select,Reverb select,LED Level Set
AD/DA Conversion  
AD Conversion 20bit
DA Conversion 24bit
Sampling Frequency 41.67 kHz
Front Section Descriptions  
Level Control & Button Controls 2 of Mic gain CH 1 & 2
8 of Mic EQ CH 1 & 2
1 of Master In put level
1 of Master output level
5 of Effect time & level control
2 of Effect select
1 of Mute ON-OFF
Indicators Peak L& R, Master Effect Peak
Rear Panel Descriptions  
Inputs 2 (XLR Jack),
2 (Mic Phone Jack,unbal),
2 tape in(RCA Jack)
2 line in Phone Jack(Left/Mono,Right)
2 level Control Volume for Tape input & line input
Output(Left,Right) 2 (Phone Jack)
Footswitch 1 (Phone Jack)
Operating Voltage 100VAC 50/60Hz, 120VAC 60Hz, 220-240 VAC 50/60Hz
Power consumption 10W
Main Connection IEC receptacle
Dimensions: W x H x D 483 x 44 x 175 (mm)
Shipping/CBM 0.0154
Weight 2.62kg
Shipping Weight 3.54 kg
*Note: Specifications subject to change without notice
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