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The V6 are powerful low frequency class AB output circuit.
The both amplifier has been designed for 20 years of dependable service technology.we gave the V6 is every advantage,value,price,features,versatility and our perfect warranty system.

  • Ultra low noise
  • FET control quiet power on/off muting circuit.
  • Lowest in-rush Trodial Transformers.
  • AC primary controlled full protection circuitry
  • 600W(300W/per CH) at 4 ohm load
  • 0.05% THD 20Hz~30kHz
  • The front face, soft feeling rubber coated , 2U space.
Model V-6  
Stereo Mode (both channel driven) Continuous Average Output Per Channel
FTC @ THD+N=0.1%, f=20Hz~20kHz Ch1 Ch2
8 ohm/Stereo 200W 200W
4 ohm/Stereo 270W 270W
2 ohm/Stereo        
EIA @ THD+1=1%, f=1kHz
8 ohm/Stereo 210W 210W
4 ohm/Stereo 300W 300W
2 ohm/Stereo        
Bridge Mono Mode 550W
FTC @ THD+N=0.1%,f=1kHz  
8 ohm/Bridge  
EIA @ THD+N=0.1%,f=1kHz 600W
Power Bandwidth
(Ref. 1kHz, THD+N=0.1%,+0/-1dB)
(Ref. 1kHz,f=20Hz~20kHz)
Frequency Response
(Ref. 1kHz, 1watt output, +0/-1.5dB)
(60Hz:7kHz, 4:1 Half power)
4-8 ohm/Stereo ≤0.1%
2 ohm/Bridge  
(RL=8Ω, Half power, Att.Max 600Ω shunt)
≥90dB, 1 kHz
Residual Noise
(20Hz~22kHz LPF,Att.min)
S/N Ratio
(Filter:A-Weighting, RMS)
Damping Factor
(RL=8Ω, f=1kHz)
Input Sensitivity (Att. max)  
4 ohm/Stereo +4.0 dBu
8 ohm/Bridge +5.1 dBu
Voltage Gain(Att. max) 28.5dB
Output Circuitry AB
Input Impedance 10kΩ(Unbalance), 20kΩ(Balance)
Controls AC Switch,Ch1 and Ch2 gain Control knobs
    Stereo/Mono Bridge Switch
Connectors XLR jack, 1/4" TRS jack
Touch-Proof binding posts, Speakon jack    
Indicators Power(Green),Protect(Red),Clip(Red),
Mon Bridge(Green)
Protection Circuits   1)Short Circuits
2)Current Limit
3)DC detection
5)Turn On/Off muting
6)AC Line fuse
Fan Circuit Single Fans Variable low Speed(50℃),
High speed(55℃)
Power Consumption 980VA
DIMENSION 480mm X 88mm X 407mm
Weight 14.36 kg / 31.65 Ibs
*Specifications Subject to change without notice.
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