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Dedicated to Perfection in Design, Build Quality and Performance
STK has established a reputation for manufacturing great sounding products that are built to last. The corporation¡¯s divisions are STK Professional Audio and STK Pro Inc. for manufacturing and export sales of electronic components and speaker systems and STK Local Sales Inc. concentrating on domestic sales in Korea.

STK R & D staff members research the market for input from musicians, live sound technicians, studio engineers and other end users to determine market needs and desires with regard to new products matched to today¡¯s market needs with the features end users have requested. Once a new product opportunity is ascertained, the STK engineering team starts the engineering and design process from the ground up to ensure the use of the latest available technology in form, function and internal component quality both inside and outside. This assures the durability and performance STK products are well known for so that we can stand behind each and every product for many years.

Prior to the start of actual production, our manufacturing engineers develop and double check the new product¡¯s build processes and develop testing procedures for each and every step of the manufacturing process. Before, during and after the manufacturing process every unit is rigorously tested electronically using sophisticated digital equipment. Then every piece is vibration tested and subsequently operated for a sustained time period under full load conditions (often called a burn-in test). The final testing puts each unit through real-life application testing with actual program material that is monitored closely by experienced technicians. Indeed, the size of our quality assurance staff is second only to the actual manufacturing staff. At STK, our engineering, manufacturing and quality control procedures are among the best in the pro audio industry. Our products prove it day after day all over the world.

STK Power Amplifiers
The V series STK power amplifiers are recognized as a standard setting product for semi-permanent life, sustained operation with steadfast stability. V series designs have evolved to high level products with a proven track record for more than 20 years using proven design elements with redundant protection circuitry to ensure continuous operation under the most abusive conditions. Like all STK products, serviceability is a part of the basic design, so that in the event a unit requires service, repairs are performed quickly and economically to minimize down time.

STK Speaker Systems
Because speaker systems combine the properties of solid electronic principles with acoustic physics, STK realized early on that high performance could only be attained by separating the speaker design and production facilities from the electronic audio components. A truly professional speaker system, whether passive or active, must have superior engineering and production capabilities of electronics, and audio physics and durable hardware and cabinetry. Hence the STK Pro was created in order to specialize in the production of speakers systems. Active and passive systems have been developed to address the most demanding of applications while preserving the value and comparative affordability that STK has always been known for. Production efficiency combined with state-of-the-art components has made STK Pro speaker systems one of the most asked for brands in the Pacific Rim, European and American continents.


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