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STK new CONTROL series amplifiers are built in digital sound controller with LCD screen for speaker presets such as lots of EQ bands,crossover,comp limiter,driver delay and precision digital gain controls remote control parameter setting via USB and PC software with up to 20 user presets.
Have high efficiency output stage design with a STK VS digital switch mode power supply that reduced weight while increasing power efficiency.
Control series DSP features are powerful and precision 32-bit floating-point arithmetic, and high quality 24 bit AD/DA converters.
All CONTROL series amplifiers are protected damage from shorted outputs,over heating and DC faults for speakers.
The output power levels good match to the most popular passive speakers with wide range of speaker impedance.

    FRONT Descriptions
  • 2 x 16 Large LCD Display for Parameter Setting and Output Level Metering.
  • Rotary Encoder with Push Button for NAV/PM.
  • CHA,CHB Digital Input Level Control Potentiometers.
  • B type USB-Interfaces for PC control Software.
  • Artistic Ventilation Grill for Automatic speed FAN cooling.
  • Soft Start Power ON/OFF Switch.
  • Yellow LED Indicator for Mono/Bridge Mode.
  • Red LED Indicator for Protection Mode.
  • CHA, CHB Red LED Indicators for Input Mute/Reach to Comp Limiter Level/EEPROM Error.
  • Red LED Clip lndicators for CHA, CHB Speaker outputs.

  • REAR Descriptions
  • Electronic XLR Balanced Input Connectors.
  • XLR Balanced Through output Connectors.
  • Power Stage Output Level Clip Control ON/OFF Switch.
  • 0dBu or +4dBu or +7dBu Input sensitivity Select Switch.
  • Mono Bridge Mode Select Switch.
  • Parallel Input connection Select Switch(Optional Order).
  • Speed Control Cooling FAN.
  • High Current Speakon Type Output Jacks.
  • 5-way Binding Post type output Terminals.
  • IEC AC Mains Input Socket.
Model CONTROL-2.6
Stereo Mode (per channel driven) Continuous Average Output Per Channel
FTC @ THD+N=0.1%, f=20Hz~20kHz Ch1 Ch2
8 ohm/Stereo 730W 730W
4 ohm/Stereo 1200W 1200W
EIA @ THD+1=1%, f=1kHz
8 ohm/Stereo 750W 750W
4 ohm/Stereo 1250W 1250W
Bridge Mono Mode(both channel driven)
Ch1 Ch2
8 ohm/Stereo 2400W
4 ohm/Stereo  
Power Bandwidth
(Ref. 1kHz, THD+N=0.1%,+0/-1dB)
(Ref. 1kHz,f=20Hz~20kHz)
Frequency Response
(Ref. 1kHz, 1watt output, +0/-1dB)
(60Hz:7kHz, 4:1 Half power)
4-8 ohm/Stereo ≤0.1%
2 ohm/Parallel ≤0.1%
8 ohm/Parallel ≤0.1%
(RL=8Ω, Half power, Att.Max 600Ω shunt)
≥64dB, 1kHz
Residual Noise
(20Hz~22kHz LPF,Att.min)
S/N Ratio
(Filter:A-Weighting, RMS)
Damping Factor
(RL=8Ω, f=1kHz)
Input Sensitivity (Att. max)
4 ohm/Stereo +0 or +4.0 or +7.0 dBu By Select Switch
8 ohm/Bridge Up to +2.1 dBu from 4 Ω/Stereo Input
Voltage Gain(Att. max) 32.2 or 35.21 or 39.2dB
DSP & Processing
DSP Arithmetic 32-Bit Floating-Point
Sampling-Rates 32/44.1/48/88.2/96KHz
AD/DA Conversion 24-Bit Stereo ADC & DAC
Parametric Equalization 12 filters per channel as Notch(Bell) or Lo-Hi Shelf
Filter type Notch,Lo-Hi Shelf as 1st/2nd Order
Filter Gain Bandpass From -15dB up to + 15dB
Filter Gain Notch From 0dB to - 60dB
Filter Q Band Pass From +0.5Q up to +20Q
Filter Q Notch From +0.5Q to -30Q
X-Over HPF & LPF Butterworth 6/12/18/24dB Linkwitz-Riley 12/24dB
Threshold Limiter Threshold -27dB to +15dB / Attack 1.0ms to 250ms
Release 50ms to 3000ms / Low cut OFF,60Hz-1KHz
Input Delay Meter/Feet 0 to 99.5m/326Feet. Time 0 ms to 290ms
Driver Delay Meter/Feet 0 to 3.5m/11.3Feet. Time 0 ms to 10.0ms
Phase Control 180 degree
Input Level Control 0 to -90dB
Output gain Control -15 to +15dB
Input Impedance 6kΩ(Unbalance), 12kΩ(Balance)
Front panel AC Switch, CH1 and Ch2 Level control, NAV/PM Parameter Encoder
Rear panel Senstivity,ST/Mono Bridge,SP Clip, Parallel In(option)
Input Female XLR jack
Output XLR Male jack (Input Through), Speakon jack,
Indicators Power Green by LCD Back Light, Protect (Red), Clip (Red),
Mono Bridge (Green), DSP Mute/Peak/Error Red)
Protection Circuits 1)Short Circuits
2)Current Limit
3)DC detection
5)Main Voltage Detect
6)Power supply shutdown
7)AC Line fuse
Fan Circuit Two Fans Variable Low speed(50℃),
High speed(60℃)
Power Consumption
(1/3 power)
DIMENSION 480 X 88 X 460 (mm)
Shipipng Weight & Volume 14.00kg / 0.0681cbm
*Specifications Subject to change without notice.
*Above specifications is 230V AC mains voltage condition.
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