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    VS-34(New Version)
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STK 2-4-8 ohm speaker outputs VS series power amplifiers are designed for high operating efficiency and accurate sonic performance across the full audio bandwidth, even under stressful conditions.
In order to maintain strict quality assurance standards. The VS series are built -in Digital switch mode power supply with gate isolated type driver transformers and trigger circuit for output spark current to protect output switching devices.
Have a lot of parallel output devices to make high value damping factors with H class output circuit for high efficient thermal capacity. The STK amplifiers are protected damage from shorted outputs,over heating and DC faults for speakers.
The STK VS series are ready to deliver several thousand watts for your several high power input speaker systems.

  • Have lots paralleled output device for capable 2ohm load and high damping factors.
  • Specially designed for 4 ohm bridge mode power output.
  • Powerful digital dual power supply for high power output regulation.
  • Excellent thermal capacity and lowest AC current draw.
  • Precision controlled 7 way full protection circuitry (Over heat, Over current, DC detection, Short load, Main voltage detector, Power supply shut-down, Power ON/OFF)
  • Digital control over load detector for SMPS current draw.
  • Automatic Speaker output clipping control by STK CTLL circuit module.
Model VS-34 (New Version)
Stereo Mode (both channel driven) Continuous Average Out put/per CH
FTC @ THD+N=0.1%, f=20Hz~20kHz Ch1 Ch2
8 ohm/Stereo 830W 830W
4 ohm/Stereo 1300W 1300W
2 ohm/Stereo 1600W 1600W
EIA @ THD+1=1%, f=1kHz
8 ohm/Stereo 850W 850W
4 ohm/Stereo 1400W 1400W
2 ohm/Stereo 1700W (Short term) 1700W (Short term)
Power Bandwidth
(Ref. 1kHz, THD+N=0.1%,+0/-1dB)
(Ref. 1kHz,f=20Hz~20kHz)
Frequency Response
(Ref. 1kHz, 1watt output, +0/-1dB)
(60Hz:7kHz, 4:1 Half power)
4-8 ohm/Stereo ≤0.1%
2 ohm/Parallel ≤0.1%
(RL=8Ω, Half power, Att.Max 600Ω shunt)
≥64dB, 1 kHz
Residual Noise
(20Hz~22kHz LPF,Att.min)
S/N Ratio
(Filter:A-Weighting, RMS)
Damping Factor
(RL=8Ω, f=1kHz)
Input Sensitivity (Att. max) +0 or +4.0 or +7.0dBu by select switch
4 ohm/Stereo up to +2.1dBu from 4ohm/Stereo Input
8 ohm/Bridge  
Voltage Gain(Att. max) 37dB
Output Circuitry H Class 2-Step
Input Impedance 6kΩ(Unbalance), 12kΩ(Balance)
Front panel AC Switch,Ch1 and Ch2 gain knobs
Rear panel Parallel, Stereo/Mono, Clip limiter(option), HPF Switch, Sensitivity Selector
Input XLR jack
Output XLR Male Jack(In put Through)
Speakon Jack
Indicators Protect(Red),Power (Green), Mono Bridge (yell), Parallel(Green),Peak Clip (Red), 3 step level meter (Green)
Protection Circuits   1)Short Circuits
2)Current Limit
3)DC detection
5)Main Voltage Detect
6)Power supply shutdown
7)AC Line fuse
Fan Circuit Four Fans Variable Low Speed(50℃),
High speed(60℃)
Power Consumption
(1/3 power)
DIMENSION 480mm X 88mm X 495mm
Weight & volume (Net/Shipping) 14.98kg / 16.66kg / 0.0681cbm
*Specifications Subject to change without notice.
*Above specifications is 230V AC mains voltage condition.
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