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The SP-810CM is 2-Way full-range system,molded polypropylene trapeziodal enclosure.
The SP-810CM is high power, High bandwidth and sensitivity in a compact, full range speaker. Incorporating an 8” low frequency and HF is 1” titanium diah driver loaded.
The SP-810CM is an economical, wall mount,suspendable, also acceptable pole mount.
The frequency response is excellent for speech and music playback.

Model SP-810CM
Frequency Response  
±3 dB 63Hz ~ 19kHz
-10 dB 55Hz ~ 20kHz
Power capacity Program 200 Watt
Power capacity Pink 100 Watt
Recommended Amplifier Power 100 Watt to 200 Watt into 4-8 ohms
Norminal dispersion 80 x 50
Sensitivity 97dB SPL
Norminal Impedance 8 ohm
Crossover frequency 1.8kHz
Components LF 8" 400 watts peak
HF 16 ohm 1" titanium driver
Mounting Brakerts U-Bracket " B810CMU"
Finish Black
( ±0.13 inch / ±3 mm)
Height: 415
Front width: 290
Rear width: 200
Depth: 225
Shipping/CBM 0.043
Net weight 8.5 kg
Bracket Shipping/CBM 0.0159
Bracket weight 2.42kg
*Specifications subject to change without notice.
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