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The SP122 is full-range two-way with 12” SK-12200F transducers vented, an perfect cabinet for a compact portable sound system. The one inch SK30STN high frequency driver produces clear crisp highs-even at high levels, the SP122 will give many years of accurate and reliable reproduction...

  • 2-Way passive full-range system.
  • The one inch” SK30STN high frequency drivers on a SABS3 horn.
  • An internal passive crossover network Frequency is 2.5kHz 12dB/ octave.
  • The STK “circuit pro” protects the high-frequency driver from accidental overload.
  • The enclosure construction: By STK “STANDARD”
  • Ultra tough, the scratch proof warnex texture coated.
  • 35mm pole mount receptacle on the bottom.
  • STK pole and speaker stand option.
Model SP-122
System configuration 2-Way Full Range
LF system & Loading One SK 12200 12" woofer, Vented
HF system & Loading One 1 "Voice coil compression driver(SK30STN)
Operating Mode Passive
Enclosure Material Plywood with MDF
Enclosure Finish Black warnex texture coated
Connectors Two neutrick speakon
Grille Powder coated perforated steel
Optional accessories 1 STK Eye Bolt "SEB 08"
Optional accessories 2 STK Pole "SPM35130"
( ±0.13 inch / ±3 mm)
Height: 618
Front width: 409
Rear width: 272
Depth: 450
Trapezoid angle(degrees) 18
Shipping/CBM 0.1533
Net weight 21.90 kg
Shipping weight 25.48 kg
Frequency Response  
±3 dB 63Hz ~ 18kHz
-10 dB 54Hz ~ 19kHz
High-Pass Frequency  
Axial Sensitivity(dB SPL, 1 watt @ 1m) Full Range Passive 100
Nominal Input Impedance(ohms) Full Range Passive: 8
LF: 8
HF: 8
Power Handling, Watts  
(Continuous/Program/Peak) Full Range Passive: 250/500/1000
(Continuous) LF: 250
(Continuous) HF:35
Max Calculated SPL (Referenced to 1 m)  
Full Range Passive Peak 130
Full Range Long Term 124
Norminal disperson(degrees @ -6dB)  
Horizontal 100 °
Vertical 40 °
*Specifications subject to change without notice.
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