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The SP152L is full-range two-way trapezoidal enclouser with 15" SK15300 transducers vented.
The SP152L offers maximum value by delivering unprecedented bandwith and maximum SPL, in compact arrays or individually as part of a distributed installation design.

  • 2-Way passive full-range system.
  • The one inch” SK30STN high frequency drivers on a SABS3 horn.
  • An internal passive crossover network Frequency is 2.5kHz 12dB/ octave.
  • The STK “circuit pro” protects the high-frequency driver from accidental overload.
  • The enclosure construction: By STK “STANDARD”
  • Ultra tough, the scratch proof warnex texture coated.
  • 35mm pole mount receptacle on the bottom.
  • STK pole and speaker stand option.
Model SP-152L
System configuration 2-Way Full Range
LF system & Loading One SK 15300 15" woofer, Vented
HF system & Loading One 1 "Voice coil compression driver(SK30STN)
Operating Mode Passive
Enclosure Material Plywood with MDF
Enclosure Finish Black warnex texture coated
Connectors Two neutrick speakon
Grille Powder coated perforated steel
Optional accessories STK Eye Bolt "SEB 08"
( ±0.13 inch / ±3 mm)
Height: 656
Front width: 445
Rear width: 309
Depth: 450
Trapezoid angle(degrees) 18
Shipping/CBM 0.1745
Net weight 27.18 kg
Shipping weight 29.64 kg
Frequency Response  
±3 dB 60Hz ~ 18kHz
-10 dB 55Hz ~ 19kHz
Recommended 50Hz
High-Pass Frequency  
Axial Sensitivity(dB SPL, 1 watt @ 1m) Full Range Passive 100
Nominal Input Impedance(ohms) Full Range Passive: 8
LF: 8
HF: 8
Power Handling, Watts  
(Continuous/Program/Peak) Full Range Passive: 250/500/1000
(Continuous) LF: 300
(Continuous) HF: 35
Max Calculated SPL (Referenced to 1 m)  
Full Range Passive Peak 130
Full Range Long Term 124
Norminal disperson(degrees @ -6dB)  
Horizontal 100 °
Vertical 40 °
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