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The VRM-1000K Mix Amplifier are designed multi purpose outputs, for contactor and install systems with 4CH independent power outputs, also perfect for professional KJ Sound stage systems. The VRM-1000K offers dual purpose output systems, 250W X 4CH power output for zoned speaker applications and 500W X 2CH high power outputs for L & R main entertainment stage. We proudly the VRM-1000K is exceptional cool & clean sounding at the 0.005% THD that designed by AB class common collector output stage with CTLL module for control to power stage clipping.

  • 8 CH inputs 10 mixer outputs configurations with sub output.
  • STK studio quality mic preamps 130dB dynamic range
  • Bulit in compression module for logical voice level controls.
  • All of channels are 22dBu input handling capacity.
  • Logical output level metering the CH 1 and 3/2 and 4.
  • Selectable for dual music source.
  • PANASONIC made pots and precision log-taper faders.
  • Dual 5 band graphic EQs on each music input CH.
  • Realistic sound DSP with variable time control reverb, delay effect processor,
    also variable type karaoke echo sound control.
  • Dual lowest in-rush toridal transformers.
  • STK 7 way full protection circuitry.
Model VRM-1000K
4 ohm Load Per Channel 250 Watts each Channel
8 ohm Load Per Channel 170 Watts each Channel
Bridged 8 ohm 470 Watts each channel
Rated Power(20-20kHz)  
4 ohm Load 220W x 4CH
8 ohm Load 150W x 4CH
Bridged 8 ohm 430W x 2CH
(THD & SMPTE IND:20Hz TO 20kHz)
Mic input to Main Mixers Output 0.01%
Mic input to Power Amp Output 0.05%
Inputs(all 1/4” TRS are Bal. / Unbal. except)  
Mono Mic/XLR 2
Stereo Music line A/RCA 4 L & R
Stereo Music line A/RCA 4 L & R
CH Insert -
Tape -
AUX Returns/Sub CH in 2 TS 1/4"
Amp in/ 1/4" TRS Phone Jack 4 Main Insert
(all 1/4” TRS are Bal. / Unbal. except*)
Main L/R Stereo 4 GROUP TS 1/4”
Main Mono(Subwoofer) Stereo RCA
Aux Sends 2 RCA for score high & low
Tape L/R Stereo Stereo RCA
Phones -
Speaker Outputs 4 Compression Terminals
Channel Strips  
Level controls Yes
Constant PAN(Blance) control Yes
10dB Input PAD Yes
Buss Assign Yes(Mix to Amp 1-2/3-4)
Music Input Select Yes(A-B)
Aux controls 1 EFX
EQ Yes
LED indicators Sig,Peak
Master Section  
Digi EFX Program Dual Variable
1 Rev Control(0.5-2 sec)
1 Dealy Control(50-500 msec)
1 Feed Back Control(0-70%)
1 Delay + Reverb Mixing Control(0-100%)
Digi EFX Control DSP Level Set(Peak, Sig),Bright Control
Digi EFX Buss Control Yes
Voice Compression control Yes
Mic Master Level Control Yes
Mic Master Fader Control Yes
Mic Master Pan Control Yes
Effect Send Mic Master Yes
Output Metering Bar Graphic Yes(1/3,2/4)
Main Mic Master Volume 60 mm Faders
Mono Master Yes(by main mix fader)
Power AMP Assign L(CH 1&2)+R(CH 3&4)Bridge/Stereo
Power AMP Clip Limiter SW Yes, CH1&2 CH3&4
Master Gains@Unity, CH.gains Down 87dB
Master Gains@Unity, CH.gains@Unity 85dB
Signal to Noise Ratio ≥89dB
Adjacent inputs or to output -89dB
Frequency Response  
20Hz to 40kHz(Mic Pre Section) +0, -1.5dB
20Hz to 30kHz(Power AMP Section) +0, -1.5dB
Maximum Levels  
Mic Preamp Input +14dBu
Power amp in 0dBu
All other inputs +14dBu
Mic Preamp Input +4 Bal
All Other Inputs 10 k
Line Input 4 k
Equalization 3 Band Mid Sweep(MIC CH) 5 Band G.EQ(MUSIC CH)
Low EQ(±15dB) 80Hz±15dB 60Hz, 250Hz
Mid EQ(±12dB) 100Hz-8kHz±12dB 1 kHz, 3.5kHz
Hi EQ(±15dB) 12kHz±15dB 12kHz±12dB
Low-Cut Filter 150Hz 12dB/Oct for Mono output
Micriphone Preamp E.I.N -130 dBm
Power Requirements 1300 Watts
Dimension(WxHxD) 483 x 132 x 357
Shipping/CBM 0.0593
Net Weight 15 kg
Shipping Weight 17 kg
*Specifications subject to change without notice.
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