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The DI-1000p is will give you clean and crisp sound after connect to the any effect devices, music instruments so that their effect will be heard over the Guitar amps with P.A system or on the Recording.DI-2000A is active,DI-1000P is Passive type working. Designed light and solid aluminium case with safety protect control panel.

  • INPUT (1/4" JACK) - For input of the signal from the source. The source may be the output of any type of musical instrument or amplifier speaker output.
  • INST/AMP (Switch) - Most instruments will operate properly when set to the INST position. Set to the AMP position for use with very "hot" instrument signal or when connecting the direct to the speaker output of an amplifier.
  • FLAT/FILTER (Switch) - Engages a high-cut filter when used in the FILTER position to reduce hiss and noise. this filter is functional only when the INST/AMP switch is in the AMP position. filter is bypassed when set to the FLAT position.
  • OUTPUT (1/4" jack) - A "Y" connection or "loop through" from the input.
  • GND/LIFT (Switch) - Disconnects the ground between the input and the XLR output when set to the LIFT positions to help eliminate hum.
    Ground remains connected when set to the GND position.
  • . Output (XLR jack)- A male XLR, provides a balanced low impedance(150 Ohms) signal for connection to balanced, low impedance equipment (mixing console, workstation, etc)
Model DI-1000P
Input level 0 dBm 0 dBm
Output level -21 dBm -52 dBm
Gain Structure -21 dBm -52 dBm
Noise -135 dBm -135 dBm
Frequency Response +0.05dB 100 to 20 kHz
THD + Noise +0.01% 100 to 20 kHz
Shipping/CBM 0.227/1 Carton(24pcs)
Net weight 0.52 kg/each
Shipping weight 13kg/1 carton
*Specifications subject to change without notice.
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