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The Product are Revolution in Digital, PSM-6150AP is the realization of a new approach towards the utilization of digital technologies in a powered mixer speaker systems, offering simple, analog style of sophisticated Digital processor functions for dual digital effects, USB play/recording, By USB connecting with a computer, SD card play/recording, MP3 play/recording and FM Radio receivers. The product designed all-in-one unit for UHF Mic input channel also have wired Mic channel.
And music channel have 1/8” LAPTOP input jack, RCA input jack and 1/4” line input jacks for CD player or Musical instruments.
Have 5 band graphic equlaizers, balanced XLR main inputs and balanced XLR main outputs on the master section. The power module is designed by analog troidal type not digital that especially for powerful low frequency voice speech with real 200W RMS output. The compact, scratch proof enclosures are rugged for outdoor use. Built- in high power 2 x 6.5” Woofer with neodymium HF Driver for 2 way full range sound systems. The enclosures are suited to use on a speaker pole stand, table for up-close, or stage monitor. Can also be used main PA systems by simply add 1 kit of STK power amp and GD speaker stems.


Model PSM-6150AP
System configuration Powered, 2-way full range
LF system & Loading Dual SK 6580 6.5" Vented
HF system & Loading One 1" Neodymium compression driver(SK20L)
Operating Mode Active
Frequency Response  
+/- 3 dB 85Hz ~ 18kHz
-10 dB 75Hz ~ 19kHz
(Ref. 1kHz,f=20Hz~20kHz)  
Axial Sensitivity
(dB SPL, 1 Watt @ 1m)
Norminal Input Impedance(ohms) 4-8
Power Handling
Power Handling
Calculated SPL Limit(Referenced to 1 m)  
Peak 129
Long term 123
Nominal Dispersion
100 degree Concial
Optional accessories STK Pole "SPM35130", STK Stand "ST6180"
( ±0.13 inch / ±3 mm)

Height  269
Front width  460
Rear width  103
Depth  280
Shipping/CBM 0.0519
Net weight 15.5kg
Shipping weight 17.5kg
2 of UHF MIC, 2 of Wired MIC CH, Laptop/CD Line Input CH, 1 of MP3/USB/FM Play Record Input. Each CH Loop Insert Jacks, Digi Effect Processors, 5band G.EQ, XLR Main In/Outputs,Head Phone Outputs.Troidal Power 200W 0.05% THD Power Amp Module With Full Protection Circuitly.
4 ohm Load Single channel 200W
8 ohm Load Single channel 115W
Rated Power(20-30kHz)  
4 ohm Load 185W
8 ohm Load 115W
THD+N; 20Hz to 20kHz)  
Wired Mic input to main mixes output 0.05%
UHF Mic input to main mixes output 0.10%
Mic input to power amp output 0.10%
Inputs(all 1/4” TRS are Bal./Unbal.except*)
Mono mic/line 2 of UHF, 2 of XLR + 1/4" Combination
Stereo line 1 of 1/8" Stereo, 1 of RCA Stereo
CH Loop Insert 3 of TRS 1/4"
Main Mix In Balanced XLR Jack
Digital Interface 1 of USB Port. 1 of SD Slot.
UHF Interface 2 of 30Pin Card Edge
UHF Receiver(Optional) UHF 6000R UHF 9000R
Mode Type Single CH PLL Locked 80 CH PLL Locked
Frequency Range 600-699 MHz 600-999MHz
Frequency Response 40Hz-18KHz 50Hz-18KHz
S/N Ratio >95 dB > 105dB
THD(@ 1KHz) Lower Than 0.5% Lower Than 0.5%
Special Features Mute and Locked Loop Circuit,Noise Lock Control
UHF Handheld Mic(Optional) UHF 6000H UHF 9000H
Microphone Type Dynamic Dynamic
Frequency Range 600-699 MHz 600-999MHz
Channels Fixed Single CH Select 80CH
Dynamic Range >110 dBB > 110dB
Stability +/- 0.005% +/- 0.005%
Output Power 10mW 10mW
Power source 100 mA 3V DC(AA 1.5V X 2 )
Battery life 12 Hours
UHF Bodypack Transmitter + Head set
Mic + Lavalier Mic(Optional)
UHF 6000BK UHF 9000BK
Type Lock On Mode System
Control Power On/Off. Level Control
Frequency Range 600-699 MHz 600-999MHz
Channels Fixed Single CH Select 80CH
Dynamic Range >110 dB > 110dB
Stability +/- 0.005% +/- 0.005%
Output Power 10mW 10mW
Power source 100 mA 3V DC(AA 1.5V X 2 )
Battery life 12 Hours
(USB/SD Card/ FM Recording Module, Optional)
USB Sound Play Back and Recording : Version 2.0. Use Lead Type A or Memory Stick.
SD Card sound Play Back and Recording : MP3 Format
FM Radio Receiver and FM Recording : 87MHz-109MHz
Display Type : LCD screen 28.5mm X 20mm
Controls : 4 Function Control Switch, Play/Record Switch, Output Volume Control.
Outputs(all 1/4” TRS are Bal./Unbal.except*)  
Speaker Outputs Internal Connection
Main Mix(line) Output Balanced XLR.
Head Phone Output TRS 1/4"
Controls Channel  
Level Control 3 Rotary Type
Effect Control 3 Rotary Type
UHF Level Control Yes
Digital Interface Level Control Yes
Controls Master  
Digi EFX
Dual Variable
1 REV Control(0.5~9.5sec)
1 DELAY Control(50~900 msec)
1 FEEDBACK Control(0-80%)
1 DRV Mixing Control(0~100%)
Digi EFX Mute Control On/Off, LED Level Set
Digi EFX Buss Control Fixed by Internal Circuit
Digi Efx Foot Pedal Jack Yes
Master Volume Control Yes
5-Band Graphic Equalier Yes
Bar Graphic Level Metering Yes
Head Phone Mute Control Yes
Equivalent input noise - 122dB
Residual output noise(SP Out) - 80dB
Residual output noise(Main Out) - 88dB
Adjacent inputs or input to output 60 dB
Frequency Response  
20Hz to 34KHz(Mic Pre Section) +0,-1.5dB
20Hz to 25kHz(Power Amp Section) +0, -1dB
Maximum Levels  
Mic Preamp Input -22 dBu
All Other inputs +4 dBu
Main Mix Output +10 dBu
Head Phone Ouput 2.8V
Mic Preamp Input 1K Ohm Bal.
UHF Antenna Input 50 Ohm Coxial.
All Other input >2.2K Ohm
Main Mix Input 3K Ohm
Graphic Equalization 5 Band
63Hz,250Hz,1KHz,3.5KHz,12KHz +/-12dB
Power Consumption  
AC 120V/60Hz 3.2A
AC 230 50/60Hz 1.9A
Special Features
1. Convection cooling
2. Full Circuit Protection
*Specifications subject to change without notice.
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