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The VX-804FXH Mixers are STK new design for "U"mark level setting,every rotary,slide controls are designed for unit gain circuitry to make no change inputs outputs signal level, this special features easy to make correct level setting with best noise structure. The VX-804FXH also can be use for outdoor indoor events, multi media, and presentation, quickly dial your favorite Digital reverb or delay into the mix, and also good for your key board mixer.

USB Home Studio Mixer

  • 2 of XLR Mono CH + 1 XLR with 1/"4 ST Jack CH + 1 XLR with 1/8" Lap Top and 1/4" Jack CH + 2 RCA with 1/4" ST Jack CH.
  • Fixed 3 band channael EQ, 48V global phantom, 75 Hz low cut filter switches, 2 Aux sends and constant loudness PAN controls.
  • Each channel record bus assign to USB recording,also send to RCA jack output for individual recording
  • Each channel listen control selector assign to stereo headphones and stereo control rooms for record monitoring and channel soloing.
  • XLR Main L/R outputs, Stereo control room outputs,Aux/Monitor send output jack, Efx send output jack, Stereo record output jacks
  • USB and CD or 2 Track playback level controls and assign select control to main or CH 7/8 stereo inputs
  • 6 Program Reverb & Delay + 6 program echo karaoke sound + 4 programs chorus & flanger Digital processors
  • Digi Efx level control to main L/R and select control to assign Monitor out put jack
  • Heavy gauge luxury type aluminum case with handle. 6-2/3U(295mm) rack space.
  • New green design for "U" mark level setting
Model VX-804FXH USB
(all 1/4" TRS are Bal./Unbal.except*)
Mono mic/line 2+2
Stereo line 6
CD/Tape Stereo RCA
Talkback -
(all 1/4" TRS are Bal./Uvbal. except*)
Main L/R Stereo 2 BAL XLR
Main Mono -
Aux Sends 2 TRS 1/4"
Tape L/R Stereo Stereo RCA
Sub Master outputs -
Phones 1 TRS 1/4"
Utility L/R 2 TS 1/4"
Channels Strips  
AUX control 1 + 1 EFx
Constant loudness pan control Yes
Channel Record Yes
Channel mute -
Channel Solo Yes(listen)
LED indicators -
LED indicators -
Group Bus assign switches -
Volume controls Rotary
Master Section  
Digi EFX Program 16 presets(reverb,delay,chorus,flanger)
Reverb Hall -----------------------2 selects
Reverb Room---------------------2 selects
Reverb Plate----------------------2 selects
Delay + Reverb-------------------2 selects
Karaoke----------------------------4 selects
Chorus & Reverb-----------------2 selects
Flanger & Reverb-----------------2 selects
Digi EFX mute & level Control On/Off SW. Peak LED setting
Digi EFX Buss Control 1 main +1Monitor
7 Band Graphic Equalizer -
Aux Send Masters Yes
Master Aux send Solo -
Stereo Aux Return -
Global Aux Return Solo -
Aux Return Assign to Sub -
Effects Ruturn to Monitor Yes
Global AFL/PFL Solo Mode PFL only
Phones/Utility Level Control Yes
Phones/Utility Matrix Yes
Faders Rotary
Select USB Routing Main L/R, Record
Select USB Playback MainL/R, CH7/8.
Built-in Power Supply Yes
BNC Lamp Socket -
Master Fader@Unity, CH.gains Down -86 dB
Master Fader@Unity, CH.gains@Unity -72 dB
Signal to Noise Ratio ≥79dB
Total Harmonic Distortion 0.007%
Channel fader down,channels at unity -85dB
Channel muted,other channels at unity -
Mic Pre Section  
Frequency response 20Hz to 60kHz +0 / -1.5dB
Maximum Levels  
Mic Preamps Input +14dBu
All Other inputs +22dBu
Balanced Main Outputs +22dBu
All Other Outputs +22dBu
Mic Preamp Input 4.7K
All Other Inputs > 10K
RCA Tape Outputs 1.0K
All Other Outputs 120Ω
Equalization 3 band Fixed
Low EQ 80Hz ±15dB
Mid EQ 2.5kHz ±12dB
Hi EQ 12kHz±15dB
Low-Cut Filter 18dB/oct 75Hz
Micriphone Preamp E.I.N. -129dBu
Power Requirements 18Watts
Dimension(WxHxD) 264x 68 x 250
Shipping/CBM 0.009
Net Weight 2.84Kg
Shipping Weight 3.44kg
*Note: Specifications subject to change without notice
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