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>STK Mission.
  To contribute to the achievement of new and valuable lifestyles with
  leading edge, superior technology and products.
>STK Vision.
  To be an enterprise which continues to develop and provide beneficial,
  advanced products to a worldwide customer base.
>STK Value.
  Our value is built upon the premise of listening to our customers and employees. We strive for continued growth
  as an enterprise and as a contributor to our community.
>STK History.

Sign Board of KMEC at 1987
STK was established by Mr. S. Kim (Korean name, Jung Sik Kim), in the
autumn of 1987, just months prior to the 88 Korea Olympic Games using the
English company name of KMEC (Korea Musical Electronic Co.) and the
Korean company name of Goryo Jun Ja.
In his youth, Mr. Kim was very much interested in professional audio and
preferred to experiment with radios over normal school work. He frequently
visited the electronic shop run by his friend¡¯s elder brother after school to
learn about various electronic products and components. He managed to study electronic technology on his own
with remarkable passion and gradually became a design engineer of professional audio products. He was soon recognized as one of the best audio specialists in the industry.

In its initial stages, KMEC launched four powered mixer models
for SoundTech company.These systems became best sellers
for three consecutive years in the USA market and were ranked
among the top ten such products.
The unique quality, design and production testing procedures
used were very new at that time and helped to set new standards
in the Korean pro audio industry. While many technological adv-
ances have been made to self-contained, powered mixers, the
category remains a standard of the pro audio sector and has
been an important part of STK¡¯s business for more than 20 years.
The company moved to a new, expanded location in 1990 enabling the company to provide new and existing products in greater volume. It became quickly evident that the new factory would soon be unable to meet the overwhelming increase in purchase orders from a number of new international customers. Mr. Kim envisioned the long term growth of the company to include the ability to compete globally using even higher quality components, improved management ideology and expanded specialized engineering and process personnel with the expertise needed to achieve substantially higher levels of efficiency as well as to move the company into the next generation of products. Following two years of considerable review and preparation, a new factory with an area of 5,000 square meters in a developing area of Kimpo City was constructed with an expanded production capacity in excess of 5,000 units a month. Completed in September of 1992, the new factory¡¯s first priority was to attain global supply capabilities. The company was able to increase the value-for-price-paid of its products and began to set the stage for the company¡¯s ultimate evolution from an OEM manufacturer as KMEC to a new company, STK Professional Audio, featuring the company¡¯s own STK branded products.

As the pro audio market experienced unprecedented worldwide growth, we made large investments in engineering and manufacturing technology and broadened our product line with the launch of medium format audio mixers, power amplifiers and signal processors. We acquired UL and other safety agency certificates in Europe and Korea. We were quickly recognized for a superior competitive edge as a comprehensive professional audio product maker. The company continued rapid expansion as this new era started and we saw our quality and manufacturing techniques exceed that of many competitors resulting in substantial increases in our share of the global market.

To cope with market expectations for more advanced professional products and to better establish the company in a changing market, we launched our new brand, STK, an acronym for Sound Technology Korea, in August of 1996. The company name was changed to S. Kim STK Professional Audio, the new company focused on design and product excellence and committed to the promotion of our new brand honoring the name of our founder.

The new STK Professional Audio continued to further reorganize the production system based on the utilization of advanced manufacturing and quality control technologies of our own design as well as the application of knowledge accumulated during the previous 10 years. A concentrated effort began to recruit and retain an educated and experienced workforce crucial to continued efficiency improvements we felt we needed. After large investments of both money and seven years time, a transition to state-of-the-art computer controlled automation was completed in 2003. The new equipment enabled us to produce superior products with fewer personnel, which further increased the level of electronic and mechanical production quality. A number of other Korean electronics manufacturers have since adopted many our systems for consumer electronics and digital products.

During the same time period, STK engineers turned their skills to the development of SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply) digital power amplifiers. While the basic technology had been around for a number of years, there were inherent problems with bass response and reliability. We successfully engineered new designs using new components that enabled us to solve the frequency response issues while the newly automated factory ensured extremely stable operating quality. We simultaneously established STK Pro Inc. which is a separate division manufacturing professional level speaker systems with a wide variety of 50 models of both passive and powered configurations of portable and installed systems available to service any application. Recognizing the need for local market penetration, we also formed STK Local Sales Inc. dedicated to contractor sales in the Korean market.

¡°Even though market conditions do change, we will continue to embrace the challenges and opportunities of change. Our commitment to our customers and our company is to be ready for opportunity and to continue to be at the forefront of our industry.¡± These are the words of Mr. S. Kim, CEO/President of STK. ¡°One thing is certain: STK products will continue to lead the way in the world market of high quality, innovative pro audio solutions.¡±
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