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Here are a few behind the scenes pictures of STKs manufacturing plant in the Kimpo Industrial Area.
Audio Systems
A computer controlled automatic machine inserting electronic components on the printed circuit board. In the process, component leads are precisely formed for perfect contact with circuit points ensuring zero resistance necessary for a high signal to noise specification as well as a strong physical mounting for years of dependable use in portable applications. The system receives its instructions from a central server bank under constant scrutiny from process control staff.
Unlike a number of other manufacturers that outsource metal and finishing work, STKs vertically integrated processes include in house, fully automated metal work using high precision tooling for bending, cutting and punching of chassis and case components. Complete control of the entire process guarantees a proper fit of all structural parts as well as flawless finishing techniques.
An STK Professional Audio technician tests a power amplifier with an Audio Precision ATS-1 precision signal analyzer. Our technicians must undergo a 12 month sophisticated training program in order to qualify for each facet of in-process product testing.

Speaker Systems

Here we see enclosures are awaiting our special "WARNEX" texture painting having completed final cabinet assembly. WARNEX is a pioneer in the development of thick, scratch proof finishes. The finish will not tear or separate from the wood enclosure and is impervious to nearly every kind of hazard. The wooden cabinet assembly is made from thoroughly dried wood panels in order to avoid warping or cracks and is precision milled for excellent cosmetic quality and physical stability.order to avoid warping or cracks and is precision milled for excellent cosmetic quality and physical stability.
Sound quality testing and measurements for SPL and frequency response is accomplished using a custom configured LMS audio production analysis system. Rated power output tests are accomplished using an Audio Control industrial SA 3052 pink noise analyzer with an STK power amplifier. These complete testing procedures guarantee consistent performance from each and every speaker system for long term performance in live or fixed installation sound reproduction.

Here is a glimpse of a live performance system in a nearby night club application using pairs of STK models SP-122 and SP-153H speaker systems powered by reliable STK "V" series power amplifiers. Day in and day out this system has been producing fantastic results in a stage environment. This system is near of our company in Inchon City, Korea and has been in daily service for 12 years. The system is as reliable and sounds as good today as it did when it was installed.


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