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셀프 600 와트 파워앰프내장, 8옴 18인치 서브 파워드 시스템.
베이스 리플렉스형이며 아치모습의 전면부와 고급스런 코너마감의 사각형으로 디자인된 엔클로우져.
스텐드 폴대용 소켓 상단부착, 고효율 풀브릿징 저왜율 출력모듈사용.
클립 리미터 기능, XLR 밸런스 입력잭과 XLR 밸런스 링크 출력잭.
60Hz 부터 250Hz 까지의 가변 주파수, 180도 위상변환 스위치, 30Hz 초저역 커트 필터,
시스템 피크출력 2400와트와 저음 40Hz 대역까지 고출력 재생.

Model SP-K618AP
System configuration Powered Subwoofer
Components & Loading One SK18600 18", Bass-reflex
Operating Mode Active powered
Enclosure Material Plywood, MDF.
Enclosure Finish Black warnex texture coated
Frequency Response  
±3 dB 40Hz ~ 200Hz
-10 dB 35Hz ~ 350Hz
Axial Sensitivity(dB SPL, 1 watt @ 1m) 100
Recommended high pass frequency 30Hz
Nominal Input Impedance(ohms) 8 ohms
Power Handling(Watts, Continuius) 600
Power Handling(Watts, Peak) 2400
Calculated SPL Limit(Referenced to 1 m)  
Peak 134dB
Long Term 128dB
Optional Accessries STK Caster "SCP80"(80mm wheel), "SCP 100"(100mm wheel)
STK Pole "SPM35130"(35mm)
Optional Painting Color STK Black, STK Brown, STK White
( ±0.13 inch / ±3 mm)
Height 626
Front width 565
Rear width 565
Depth 595
Shipping/CBM 0.2682
Net weight 40.50 kg
Shipping weight 43.88 kg
Max output Power(class AB full bridge)  
EIA @1KHz 1% THD 600W
FTC @THD+N=0.1% 570W
Frequency Response(X-Over Filter off) 20Hz ~ 30kHz
Frequency Response(X-Over Filter on) 10Hz at -1dB to 250Hz at-3dB
20Hz ~ 30 kHz
S/N Ratio (Filter: A-waiting.RMS) ≥ 93dB
Input Sensitivity (Att max) + 4dBu
Crossover Frequency Variable 60Hz to 250Hz 12dB/oct
Low cut Filter 30Hz 12dB/Oct
Phase select 1. 0 degree (switch out)
2. 180 degree (switch on)
Input impedance 10k ohm(unbalance), 20k ohm (balance)
Limeter threshold level + 6dBu @ 100Hz
Limiter control range + 12dBu @ 100Hz
Damping Factor LF ≥350
Controls LCF on/off, Phase shift, Amp gain knob, Frequency variable, AC switch.
Connectors Input/Through XLR Female jack/XLR Male jack
Indicators Power(green), Sig(green), LF clip(red)
Protection 1)short circuit, 2)current limiter, 3) DC detection,
4)Thermal cut off, 5) VDC cut off fuse.
Fan operating Low and high speed control
Power Requirements(1/3 power) 320 Watts
Mains power 110/220/230/240 AC 50/60Hz

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