VM11T-DRV 11 Ch Total 900W RMS/4ohms,
600W + 300W for Mono Main and Monitor or 300W X 3 for Stereo Main and Monitor, with Dual DSP.
VM-11SDRVH 11 Ch 900Watts Mono and 450Watts X 2 Stereo Powered Mixer w/Dual DSP
VM11S-DRV 11 Ch 600Watts Mono and 300Watts X 2 Stereo Powered Mixer w/Dual DSP
VM8-DRV 8 Ch 300Watts RMS/4ohm Powerd Mixer w/Dual DSP
VM6S-DRVH 6 Ch 400Watts Stereo(200 Watt X 2) / 4 ohms Powered Mixer W/Dual DSP
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