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원문 중에서 "나는 최근에 7년간 사용한 VLZ-1202 PRO를 VX-1202N으로 교체하였는데 모든 것이 만족스러웠습니다. 3일전 구입 후의 첫 느낌은 POSITIVE 였으며 모든 사용 된 컴퍼넌트의 품질은 확실한 만족 그것이었습니다.(이하생략)

From: <olecocq>
To: <stkcom@stkpro.com>
Sent: Tuesday, February 22, 2005 2:36 AM
Subject: VX-1202N modifications

Dear Sirs,

I just changed my Mackie VLZ-1202 PRO mixer (crushing volume faders after 7
years of use) for your STK-PRO VX-1202N.
I was indeed looking for the same high-quality, 12/2/2, 4 mono + 4 stereo
channels, compact size (about 300 mm width), and extended connectivity mixer
as the Mackie, but with linear volume faders. Mackie fitting its mixers with linear
volume faders only as from the VLZ-1402 PRO model - too wide for my mini
home-studio - or Onyx 1220 - not a "compact" mixer anymore - I had to look
around for other manufacturers to find a mixer giving me at least the same
possibilities/services as my Mackie.
There is on the market a wide choice for such compact mixers, but the STK-PRO
VX-1202N is the only one I could trace to cumulate nearly all items I need (and
had with the Mackie), and even adding some features:
- linear volume faders (rotary on the Mackie).
- B-mix general volume fader (none on the Mackie).
- 3 sends (2 only on the Mackie).
- 2 stereo main outs + 1 mono out (no mono output on the Mackie).
- 2 medium equalization on mono channels (1 only on the Mackie).
- additional mic. input on stereo channel 5-6.
I had however to make some concessions and accept some disadvantages
towards the Mackie:
- channel inserts on mic 1 & 2 channels only (on 4 mono channels on the
- unbalanced inputs on stereo line 5-6.
- unbalanced B-mix outputs on RCA connections ("pseuso-balanced" on TRS
jacks on the Mackie).

I got my STK-PRO VX-1202N 3 days ago, and my first impression is positive. I
definitely appreciate the high quality of electronic components (as far I could test
it, it is as or even more silent that my old Mackie, which is a reference), and the
above mentioned advantages are great. Obviously, I cannot judge the mechanical
quality of this product - especially the life time of the linear faders - nor its
electronic/mechanical reliability.

Thanking you in advance for your reply.

Best regards.

Oliver LE COCQ
17,Avenue Corot

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